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Do you find yourself constantly maintaining your yard and pool rather than enjoying the features of your yard? Here at Empire Landscapes and Pools, we can provide everything you need to keep your yard and in-ground or above-ground pool neat, clean and in good working order so that you can relax in your yard instead of working in it.

Landscape and Pool Cleaning Services 

We offer landscaping, lawn care, and pool cleaning services throughout Mesa, including as far East as Wrigleyville, where the Chicago Cubs perform their spring training, and as far west as the Mesa Gateway Airport and further.

  • Landscaping Services - Design, Install, and Maintain
  • Lawn Care Services - Grass Cutting, Aerating and Fertilization
  • Pool Cleaning Services - Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repair

Landscape Services

Our professional landscaping services are designed to keep your Mesa yard healthy and beautiful all year, even when the heat surpassing 100 degrees. We have the experience and knowledge to identify threats to your greenery and apply the appropriate solution, whether that be to eliminate pests, like insect infestations, or treat your yard for weeds. We also remove greenery that isn’t thriving and install new plants, including flowers, trees, and shrubs that are sun and drought tolerant. A few of our clients’ favorite plants include Oleanders, the Desert Willow, Honeysuckle Vines, and Bougainvilleas. These lush plants and trees will enhance the visual appeal of your yard and ensure that they can survive in your soil conditions.



Lawn Care Services 

Your lawn is vital to the appearance and happiness of your home. It’s where your kids play and where you host outdoor barbecues and cookouts, and as a homeowner, you may find that you spend more time maintaining your yard than enjoying it. Our lawn care services include weekly grass cutting and twig and debris removal as well as aerating, fertilization and weed control upon request so that you can spend more time outdoors doing the activities you love instead of performing lawn maintenance.

Pool Cleaning and Repair Services 

In the heat of the summer, there’s nothing better than a nice dip in the pool. However, pools can be a lot of maintenance in order to maintain the pH levels and keep dirt, leaves, twigs and other debris out of the water. Our pool cleaning and repair services are guaranteed to keep your pool operating and your pool water healthy all summer long so that you can spend more time swimming and playing water sports with your family. Our pool cleaning services include skimming and vacuuming your pool as well as cleaning the pool filter and ensuring the pH level of the water is within the normal ranges.


Benefits of Our Landscaping and Pool Services

  Allows You to Choose Your Favorite Plants, Trees, and Shrubs
  Create a Custom Yard Layout to Maximize Your Outdoor Spaces
  Improves the Design and Appearance of Your Yard
  Spend More Time Enjoying Your Yard and Pool

Service Areas in Mesa

We service all of Northeast, Southeast Mesa, and Central Mesa, including but not limited to:

  • Dobson Ranch
  • Eastmark
  • Las Palmas Ranch
  • Mira Mesa
  • Red Mountain Ranch
  • Sunland Village and Sunland Village East

For more information on our yard care and pool care services in Mesa, AZ, call us at 480-310-6729.