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Your First Impression Is Your Last Impression

That statement was true to heart for Desmond, a first-year property investor in a Mesa Townhome featuring a 300sq ft entryway patio used for vacation rentals. With such a big entrance space, he wanted that to be the feature of the house and use that as the featured image for his property listings to attract potential visitors.

The current setup was not what you call a great first impression. The pond seemed pretty cool in pictures but you it in person you realize all around there are many flaws. The pavers were faded with different patterns, and uneven with the concrete walkway and level of the home. The rocks underneath the bougainvillea bushes were inconsistent and had patches in various places.


Before patio resign mesa townhome
Patio Design Mesa Townhome

Our Intuitive Solution For The Issue

Desmond's vision was to simply remove the pond, replace the pavers, and add new green hopseed bushes. Although that would improve the patio from the current layout and considering the use and current design of the patio Empire Landscapes came up with a solution to make that first impression with hands-off management.

The current patio was uneven with the door level so a better design and more cost-effective job would be to simply lay pavers across the whole patio even on top of the existing concrete. Since there was a square of concrete in front of the laundry and front patio door it would be a nice touch to add synthetic grass to break up the pattern of pavers across the whole patio. The complex had connected units all at ground level and the brick wall wasn't enough to have a "private patio". We suggested adding a custom trellis and use honeysuckle vines to grow verticle across the wall to eventually have a full green enclosure.